domingo, 29 de octubre de 2017


Organised in groups, you are going to carry out a research on different country´s population.

You can choose any country in the world, but try to do a different kind of project...

In order to complete the research task, follow the steps below:

A. Research your chosen country:
  • Find out about its population density, main characteristics, historical events, ethnic and cultural diversity and find pictures that will emphasise the character of the country. Save the information on your pendrive.
B. Look for the population pyramid of your chosen country in the next link:
C. Analyse the population pyramid:
  • Look at the shape of the pyramid, comment it and identify intervals that look irregular because they may indicate a particular event in the country´s history.
D. Collect the information you have obtained, a photo of the pyramid and the pictures you have selected and create a power point presentation. When you finish you have to upload your work on SLIDESHARE.

In the next images you could see two rubrics I am going to use in order to evaluate your projects.

Con esta evaluaré el trabajo en grupo. La nota supondrá un 70% al final.

Con esta evaluaré vuestra exposición oral de forma individual y supondrá un 15%
La nota se completará rellenando cuestionarios de autoevaluación (5%) y coevaluación (10%).

Have a nice job!!

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