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Currently it is very difficult for a country to carry out its policy, both internal and external, without counting on anyone else. The current world situation compromises the sovereignty of different territories that have to be integrated into organizations or associations of various types between countries that typically have common interests.
One of the most important supranational entities that exist today is the European Union, to which Spain belongs since 1986. Spanish policy and the other´s 27 members of the Union  are already closely linked and Europe is part of our daily lives, as we see every time we take out a Euro of our pockets. Therefore it is necessary that we know how it works, because the decisions taken at this institution directly affect us.
The map you see below shows the countries that formed the EU in 2007:

 Today, it is known that the number has grown, because the entry of Croatia had been allowed in summer 2013:

Croatia, in yellow, with the above members.
 Using the links you have bellow, you have to investigate and answer the following questions: 
  1. Currently many countries  make up the European Union? Indicate which ones they are.
  2. What symbolize the stars of the European flag?
  3. What is the European anthem and the motto of the European Union?
  4. When was implanted the Euro as common European currency and in which countries?
  5. What does the EU do? Name some activities made by the European Union that  involve an advantage for its citizens.
  6. Make a diagram of the main European Union institutions, explaining what do they do.
  7. After consulting the major historical stages of the European Unión:
  •  Name the six founding countries of the European Union, formerly EEC (European Economic Community) in 1951.
  • Name which countries became part of it in 1973 (the Europe of the Nine).
  • Name the countries that formed the Europe of the Twelve in 1981 and 1986.
  • Name what new countries joined the European Union in 1995. (Europe of Fifteen).
  • Which countries have joined the European Union in 2004, 2007 and 2013 and which are currently closer to adhere too?
     8. How do you think that affects your daily life the belonging of your country to the European Unión?
To solve these issues visit the following links: OFFICIAL WEBSITE OF THE UNION - LIBROSVIVOS

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  1. Hmmm... It will be interesting to see if a similar union arises between the US, Mexico and Canada. I know that Bush and Fox were talking about the possibility, but the US seems steeped in other issues now at present, ObamaCare not the least of them. Am so glad to follow your blog. Keep writing!